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Montage by Displaynote

Sahara Reference: 1520161

Montage 2.0 now available

We are excited to announce an update to Montage that will deliver a huge step forward in quality, more intuitive audio, higher resolution and lower latency, while keeping bandwidth requirements at a minimum (essential for enterprise wide deployment). In addition, there will be 2 native apps for iOS and Android and the option to deploy Montage as a software solution for those customers that have a requirement.


Montage is a wireless presentation system which allows anyone to be the presenter. Up to 12 meeting attendees can share their device screen with the main display and each other in real time either locally or over the Cloud. Engineered for touch, the all-in-one solution allows presenters at the front of the room to re-order screens, take mouse control of connecting PC’s, annotate and share files. Attendees can connect easily via a browser, AirPlay, Miracast or the desktop application and remote users can use native voice and video. 

Montage is about sharing information, data and content in real-time from multiple devices, people and places. It’s about creating those ideas that drive innovation and can change the world.
It’s about connecting teams and the information that flows between them. It’s about seeing the whole picture for better, faster more reliable decision making and improving the way organisations work. 

Participants: 12 on screen
Connecting: In-room and remotely
Communication: Native Video and Voice
Joining: Web, Desktop, Airplay, Miracast
Control: Remote Desktop Control
Content: Share screen, Share Files and Annotation
Security: Full Encryption
Networking: Access Point & Configure for network

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Features & Specifications

Weight & Dimensions
  • Weight 1.43 kg
  • Dimensions H 110 mm x W 110 mm x D 50 mm
  • Boxed Weight 1.50 kg
  • Boxed Dimensions H 190 mm x W 280 mm x D 110 mm
Other Features
  • Brand DisplayNote